Theory 1

(Optional- Read while listening to Seventeen Years by Ratatat)

Probably my most famous life theory, as my good friend Chelsea calls it, is Placebo Affect. Yes that’s right everybody, Placebo. Let me catch everybody up if you don’t know what I am talking about. Scientifically speaking, a placebo pill is something doctors would give patients just to soothe their conscience. “Oh man I’m taking this new pill for my¬†Osteochondrodysplasias and now I’m all better!” However the doctors would just give them a simple sugar pill. And these people were being transformed by the power of their mind! Sounds crazy but serious. There’s even been some studies and reports of cancer being cured from placebo pills. Any way, it can be easily conceived as a theory. For instance, my roommate brought up the subject of how it is faster when you ride in the front of a roller coaster. A highly popular belief. However, using logic, you will realize that this is impossible. Placebo Affect. Also I believe that being ticklish is Placebo Affect. Think about it, you can’t tickle yourself. Maybe it’s the mystery of not knowing where their hands are gonna go. Maybe its the awkwardness of somebody else touching your armpits or the back of your leg. Or maybe its in your head. Placebo Affect.

So if you agree and like the idea of Placebo Affect, I would ask that you spread. Spread it like its cancer…… And then give them a placebo pill to cure it.

    • dpb
    • June 7th, 2011

    it is the mind alone that matters

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