So I think I need to do a little back drop. Honestly, I’m embarrassed I like a band named Hawkboy. Yes it is a band. Cody Bonnette and Aaron Lunsford (formerly As Cities Burn, my favorite band) make up Hawkboy. They just released an EP tonight, so I decided to write a review.

The first song is called “2 Bit”. This song is about the rapture. Honestly, its terrible theology. I don’t really feel this is the place to go into it, but when they say  the reason for someone being “left behind” was because they were a bas@#$!……… Enough said. Musically however, it is phenomenal. Guitar driven, Cody is one to “experiment” I would say with his guitar parts. He doesn’t settle. He is all over the place. Enough said.

The second song is called “Scoundrel”. Cody and Aaron have definitely taken a more “indie” approach with this project. A lot of crunchy guitar work mixed with underlying synth for this one. Layered vocals with a soaring melody really compliment his voice in this song. The one complaint about this song is the end. I hate it when bands stretch out the outro with some sound, or something that add’s nothing to the song. I’m not a patient man……and I really want that extra play count on my iTunes, so hurry up.

The third song is actually my favorite. “Mother London” has a lot to offer. It’s definitely more along the lines of “Hell or High Water”, As Cities Burn third CD. It starts off with what I would say a very beautiful guitar riff. Then right into his faster paced theme. Lyrically I don’t know whats going on yet but it’s just a very catchy song.

The last song on the EP is called “Damnkneesya”. It’s their deep thinker song. However, once again I’m not so sure what they’re addressing. Honestly I think it is too soon to tell. If it is in regards to salvation however, once again I think I would have to disagree. Only because, on my own, I would never choose Christ. He graciously chose me.  I’ll let you decide with this lyric, “Can I make you a believer. It’s you, no deceiver. Did you find puppet strings or the truth. Our hands and feet have freedom. The way has not been laid out. Don’t be afraid of the choice. Your really free don’t you know.”

Over all I was a little disappointed with this effort. One thing that stood out to me about As Cities Burn was their rich deep lyrical content. Hawkboy, not so much. However musically, they never fail to impress, excite or thrill. Cody and Aaron have such amazing chemistry. You can hear it in As Cities Burn, and nothing was lost in the transition. When Cody quiets down, Aaron’s drums carry us through. Then both back at it again. They are my inspiration……musically any ways.

  1. My favorite part was this: “I’m not a patient man……and I really want that extra play count on my iTunes, so hurry up.”

    I totally relate to that. Normally I’ll fast forward to the end just so I can get the play count.

    Hakwboy sucks.

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