“Pfft” How to Express Your Feelings

Are you utterly frustrated beyond all reason? Are you excited to the extreme? Have you ever been embarrassed till you die?

We all feel these emotions from time to time. We all feel any emotion from time to time for that matter. And often times we don’t know how to express them accurately.

That’s why I invented “Pfft” (actually inspired by Hot Rod, which was inspired by Luke Webster). It’s the phrase you can use to express any emotion. Let me explain.

Here our young Rod used “Pfft” to cover his embarrassment. Our young Kathy had no idea he was embarrassed. Remember, you can use it for any emotion. “Hey bro, we only have one more hour of work left before we go home.” “Pfft, cuur, shhhhh, ffffff, ggguuhhhh.” It’s more effective when you add more sounds. It firmly drives the point home. Get creative. How about for frustration: “Hey bro I’m really sorry, but I believe you’re a liar. “Pfft cuur, stoooo, fffff.” It sounds silly on paper, but that is why I have provided some real life testimonials.

“It’s powerful!” “It actually works!” “It surprisingly releases a lot of stress.” “I use it at work all the time!” “Works great!”

You may see other similar products for 500 dollars, but not here. You won’t pay 500 dollars. Not even 499. Not even 300. Not even 200. Not even 1 dollar. That’s right folks, you can get this amazing product for the low, low cost of losing your dignity. Unbelievable!

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